Find a hotel with an exceptional view of Paris

Stay at the 4* Hotel du Cadran, located in the 7th district of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower. The hotel offers an ideal location to discover Paris and to enjoy an exceptional view of the capital and the Champ de Mars street, a typical Parisian pedestrian street.An exceptional view of Paris and the Champ de Mars streetThe Cadran Hotel offers its guests an unobstructed view of the capital and in particular of the pedestrian street of Champ de Mars, a small pedestrian and cobbled street with Parisian charm. The Champ de Mars street is really a typical street with its original Parisian cobblestones. In this street, you can find traditional breweries of the capital, coffees, bakeries, general food shops… The view from the hotel allows you to see all the way to the Bosquet avenue,The street ends on the Bourdonnais avenue, parallel to the Champ de Mars; on the other side, Duvivier street ends a pretty pedestrian street. A few steps away, Cler street also offers its share of shops, notably the macaroon store Ladurée and the tea store Mariage Frères. Two great brands that are well known on the street. Of course, the Cadran Hotel is located only 5 minutes walk from the Champ de Mars; from the hotel, you already have a nice idea of this green space dominated by the Eiffel Tower.A magnificent view on the roofs of Paris from the Cadran Hotel.Paris, its rooftops, its historical monuments, its great museums… there is always a place to marvel at in the city. By choosing a hotel with a view of the rooftops, you are guaranteed a successful stay. The Cradan Hotel has a splendid view of the roofs of Paris. The view on the roof of Paris is quite popular and is part of its reputation. These famous zinc roofs, with dormer windows and chimneys, are scattered throughout the city, including the 7th district. It is a kind of architectural signature that the capital offers, beyond the Haussmannian buildings and its famous monuments. No need to look for a hotel with an American-style rooftop, the 4* Cadran Hotel offers a romantic view of the Parisian rooftops from its hotel rooms.Paris from the sky is an opportunity to discover the city in a different way and to enjoy a change of scenery offering a whole new vision of the metropolis. From the rooms located on the top floor and the second to last floor, with elevator access, the view dominates the rooftops.A few blocks away, you can see the Eiffel Tower. An unobstructed view and an unobstructed view, while being quiet from your comfortable and equipped hotel room; isn’t this a unique moment to fill your stay in Paris ?An exceptional view of the Eiffel TowerThe Cadran Hotel offers an intimate view of the Eiffel Tower, depending on the room you book.Not all rooms have a view of the Iron Lady, but some offer a small glimpse of the Tower and the City of Light. Only a few hundred meters away, the Eiffel Tower awaits you and is truly within reach ! Thanks to the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower offered by some of the rooms of the Cadran Hotel, you will be able to admire the splendor of the capital’s jewel. The Eiffel Tower symbolizes a part of history and is the most famous monument of the capital that many tourists wish to discover: having a view of the tower and being a few meters away from it makes your stay more valuable and easier !An exceptional view from the rooms of our 4* hotelRooms and suites of the Cadran Hotel are comfortable, equipped, spacious and air-conditioned. With family, friends, couples or alone, each room offers unequalled comfort. The largest room, the junior suite, of 25m², has a view of the Eiffel Tower and the roofs of Paris.The standard room with its queen size bed includes a private bathroom and a modern and warm decoration. The superior double offers greater comfort, with a larger surface area and a view of the Champ de Mars street to better immerse yourself in Parisian life without being disturbed by the noise of the city, day and night.The triple room allows families to come and stay in Paris in an exceptional place in the heart of the French capital. The family room offers a real comfort with a double bed and two single beds and its nice surface of 28m². It has two communicating rooms (a standard double room and a superior room) that allow more privacy and enjoy all the possible comfort with a nice view on Paris: private bathroom, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, coffee machine, breakfast, minibar…Enjoying a Parisian hotel in the heart of the gros-caillou district with an exceptional view of the capital, its zinc roofs and its pedestrian streets will make your stay more prestigious and allow you to recharge your batteries in a charming hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower!