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Spend the summer holiday in Paris with the Cadran hotel !

Summertime is great to visit Paris ! Especially august, when parisians are gone in vacation, and the city is left to itself. Of course, there are fewer people in the City of Light but it is nonetheless attractive. Spend your summer holiday in Paris ! 

Enjoy its greatest monuments and take part in other fun activities without even moving too far away from our 4 star hotel, the Cadran.

The monuments

To begin with, our establishment benefits from its proximity to the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. The dinner you can enjoy on the first floor of the Iron Lady is a unique experience! 

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was not really unanimous when it was built? In addition to journalists, writers such as Alexandre Dumas and Emile Zola blasted the monument even before it was even completed. 

Not far from there, you can find either the Orsay Museum, or the Trocadero on the other bank of the Seine. 

And a little bit further the famous Arc de Triomphe. This one should never have existed, and was originally planned to be a huge pachyderm. Indeed, Napoleon was thinking, after the battle of Austerlitz at the beginning of the 19th century, to erect at this location a huge and triumphal elephant. 

After going down the Champs Elysées, and maybe visiting some parisian shops, you can go and discover one of the most beautiful Paris’ jewels. A great institutions frequented by so many people : The Louvre Museum ! It attracts more 10 million people every year.

The events

Summer in Paris means lots of events ! Some of which are internationally renowned. We are referring here to the last stage of the Tour de France, held on July 28th. The riders will join the Champs-Elysees after getting off Rambouillet, after 3 probably exhausting weeks! 

Before that, on July 14th, the fireworks and the occupants of the Hotel du Cadran who attend the Champ de Mars are in the front row. A pyrotechnic show sublimated by catchy music. 

Still not far from our establishment, we distinguish the Tuileries Festival. Second biggest funfair in the capital after the Throne Fair, it should be a good activity for families. We especially appreciate the friendly atmosphere that reigns there.

Do not forget the market on rue Cler, 3 minutes walking distance from the Cadran.

You can as well go to Paris Plage, chill and freshen up under the parisien sun…

The sports

It is summer in Paris! It is time to relax, and to forget about work, stress, problems… To help, various activities can release the tensions. 

How about running along the bank of the Seine, or from the Tuileries to the Champ de Mars? If you would like to relax while working on your flexibility, take part in the free gym class at Square Saint Lambert on Thursday at 7 pm. 

To experience thrills and work the breath, you must practice the Ski Nautique Club of Paris, located at 1 Alley Waterfront in the 16th arrondissement. 

Not to mention the ideal bike rental for quick access to different tourist attractions while physically maintaining oneself.

After a long and hot summer day, you will be really happy to go back to your hotel room. Enjoy the spa, the sauna, and the big terrace with wine on the glass. Rest well in our high quality bedding…

Yes, these summer holiday in Paris sound really nice. So, what are you waiting for ?