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Gastronomic stay in a hotel on rue Cler in Paris!

French gastronomy is world famous! It is even classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if there is a place to enjoy all the delicious French specialities, it is the French capital. And more precisely in the famous Cler Street. If you want to offer yourself a real gourmet stay in Paris, think about looking for a hotel on rue Cler… To be as close as possible to this gourmet paradise.

Cler Street: a street of a thousand delights

Located in a very touristic district of Paris, rue Cler is halfway between Les Invalides and Champ de Mars. But tourists do not only appreciate it for its proximity to these two high places of the French capital. It is especially worth a visit for its shops.

But we are not talking about branded shoes or luxury jewellery. No, we come here for cheese, cakes, ham or macaroons. With many brands, mainly food stores, rue Cler is ideal for discovering (or rediscovering) the best products of French gastronomy.

Charcutier, cheesemaker, pastry chef, wine merchant… You will find all the craftsmen you want in the street. And each of them will offer you high quality products but also sound advice on how to make your choice.

Do not miss the chapel of number 5, or the old horse butcher’s shop at number 28. The latter has kept its front but also its interior decoration dating from 1930.

Finding a hotel on Cler Street Paris

If all this information has made your mouth water, you may want to come and try out the various gourmet shops that are located there. For this purpose, it will be ideal to book a hotel near Cler Street. It will thus have a perfect location for your gourmet shopping but also for visiting the capital.

The Hotel du Cadran will probably be the best option. Indeed, it offers a welcome haven of peace after a day on the streets of Paris. You will be welcomed in spacious and elegant rooms, offering you all the comfort you would expect from a 4-star hotel.

You can recharge your batteries by booking a spa session, alone or with a partner, but also by sitting on the terrace. In addition to being a comfortable and pleasant place, you will find a vending machine where you can order a glass of wine from among the different wines on offer. A great complement to your discovery of French culinary specialities.

When you know how much you risk being loaded after browsing the shops, you will understand that it is really wise to choose a hotel on Cler Street. And for that, there is nothing better than the Hotel du Cadran.